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Bursary Programme

The MyKasih ‘Love My School’ bursary programme is an extension of MyKasih’s existing welfare programme for families from low-income households; which provides food aid, health awareness and basic medical screening, tuition for school children, financial literacy, as well as skills training.

Under the bursary programme, it is underprivileged students who are the beneficiaries. The assistance is in the form of annual bursaries, which the students draw upon using a smart card linked to their MyKad account to purchase school books, stationery items, and food at the school canteen.

MyKasih ‘Love My School’ Programme – Bursary Scheme

With the steady rise in the cost of living, the cost of educating a child has risen exponentially. The situation is even more acute for underprivileged families in urban communities who have to deal with other living expenses.

The MyKasih “Love My School” bursary scheme is a timely initiative that aims to alleviate the burden that underprivileged families have in educating their children. The assistance in the form of annual bursaries to students from poor households will be restricted to purchases of school books, stationery items and essential foodstuff.

The scheme is extended to public and private schools in Malaysia. No cash is paid out for this bursary scheme. Students will draw on their bursaries using smart card linked to their MyKad account to purchase school books, stationery items and food from the school canteen.

How the bursary programme works

The Donor will select the school(s). The selected school will identify the poor and needy students and refer them to MyKasih Foundation. These students will be screened against the criteria set by MyKasih, whereby:-

  • The scheme is open to only primary and secondary school students.
  • The scheme is only eligible to students from households earning RM 1,500 per month or less

As a check and balance, the families of nominated students will be independently assessed by national NGOs such as the Lions Club and Rotary Club.

Once the students are selected and approved, accounts will be opened against the students’ Mykad in the system into which a spending allowance of RM 30 – RM 40 will be deposited.

The students will draw on the allowances by using their MyKasih Student Smart Card to pay for purchases made at approved outlets. The allowance of RM 30 – RM 40 will be replenished twice a month. Each student can expect a total bursary payment of not more than RM 720 – RM 960 per school year.


The school’s bookshop will be enrolled to serve as an outlet for the students. All items stocked by the bookshop will be eligible for purchase under the MyKasih “Love My School” Bursary Scheme.

Besides school books and stationery items, students may also purchase food items at the school canteen or a nearby participating retailer. The food available to the students will be restricted to selected essential food items, in line with the ongoing MyKasih ‘Love My Neighbourhood’ food aid programme.

Selected students will be provided with a bursary for the period of one school academic year.

However, to facilitate the purchase of more expensive school books, MyKasih Foundation may deposit a larger amount in the initial month of the academic year.

The bursary scheme is subject to review every 5 to 6 months where students’ academic performance is assessed.