Our Programmes

Bursary Programme

The MyKasih ‘Love My School’ bursary scheme aims to alleviate the burden that underprivileged families have in educating their children.

No cash is paid out for this bursary scheme. Students from economically-challenged backgrounds are rendered assistance in the form of annual bursaries, which the students draw upon using a smartcard linked to their MyKad account to purchase school books, stationery from the school bookstore, and meals at the school canteen.

MyKasih Bursary Programme

MyKasih works with donors to identify beneficiary primary or secondary school(s) and the number of student beneficiaries.

Adoption of the school depends on commitment demonstrated by the school management, which would include the appointment of a teacher to oversee the programme.

MyKasih will work with the school management to identify eligible students who shall meet the following criteria:

  • Low-income households earning an average combined monthly household income of RM 1,500 or below
  • Other factors taken into consideration include the number of siblings and other dependents in the household, medical conditions, and other sources of aid received by the family.

Once the students are selected and approved, accounts will be opened against the students’ Mykad in the system into which a spending allowance of RM 30 – RM 40 will be deposited twice a month.

Each student can expect a total bursary payment of RM 720 (primary student) or RM 960 (secondary student) per school year.

MyKasih Bursary Programme

The bursary scheme is subject to review where students’ academic performance is assessed.

Throughout the student bursary programme, MyKasih will also offer and encourage student beneficiaries to take part in health screening programmes; educational activities; and tuition programmes.

These supplementary programmes and activities may be coordinated and provided directly by the school management, partner community organisations or tuition providers, or using designated funds as agreed with the donor.

Students are also encouraged to apply for academic and vocational scholarships, and job placements (for the school-leavers), being offered by institutions partnering with MyKasih.