About Us

Founder’s Message

Dear Friends,

We are fortunate to live in Malaysia; a beautiful country blessed with natural resources and great potential. But the wealth and prosperity that raised living standards over the last few decades have bypassed some parts of the population.

There are people who still eke out an existence in rundown homes with little hope of pulling themselves out of the poverty trap. Frequently, nutritional needs are not met, health standards slip, the children’s wellbeing and education suffer, which, in turn lead to low job prospects. The cycle of hardship and poverty continues.

We saw these problems first-hand, and it became imperative for us to do something. We quickly realised merely handing out food, money and clothes to poor families was not the answer. A more sustained, all-encompassing effort was needed. At the same time, the solution had to be cost-effective and efficient.

The key was technology. By using the cashless payment system developed by DIV Services Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of DIALOG Group Berhad, we were able to develop a welfare management programme that is secure and effective. Donors are assured that 100 percent of their donations reach rightful families and student beneficiaries in a targeted, efficient and transparent manner, and that the funds are used for their intended purposes.

From the very start, our efforts were not restricted to just helping families put food on the table, but also extended to include educating children as a long-term plan of breaking the poverty cycle.

We team up with companies, NGOs, social-purpose organisations and the public sector to provide health screening, financial literacy and entrepreneurship training to the families, as well as educational assistance to school-going children and scholarship opportunities for school-leavers.

MyKasih is dedicated to strengthening the foundation of caring communities. Under the theme of ‘Love My Neighbourhood’, we aim to bring hope to those in need. We pull together caring partners from all sectors of Malaysia because we believe that a true community spirit can change the world, starting with one neighbour at a time.

We thank all of you for your unwavering support and we look forward to meaningful years of being of service to humanity.

Tan Sri Dr Ngau Boon Keat & Puan Sri Jean Ngau