Chevron launches Caltex Fuel Your School programme

Chevron Malaysia, the operator of the Caltex brand and service stations in Malaysia, has announced the launch of the latest edition of the Caltex Fuel Your School, an initiative aimed at revitalising interest in STEM (science, technology, English and mathematics) among school students. Additionally, the campaign serves to extend its impact to address community needs, particularly in the vital areas of food security and sustainable agriculture.

As part of the programme, local Caltex service stations will adopt 15 schools across the Muar and Segamat districts in Johor, with each being presented with a smart aquaponics setup to grow vegetables and fish through a symbiotic farming ecosystem. Through active participation, students acquire not only theoretical knowledge, but also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills for their academic and future professional pursuits.

The first two pilot schools, SK Paya Jakas in Segamat and SK Temiang in Muar, which received their smart aquaponics setup in December last year, managed to acquire a total of 13 kg worth of vegetables from their first harvest. The produce was then used for the schools’ food programme, impacting close to 550 indirect beneficiaries.

“Besides enhancing students’ learning of STEM, these smart aquaponics systems will create a sustainable cycle to serve the community in several ways. For example, the produce cultivated can cater to personal consumption of students, especially those in the B40 category. They can also be donated to underprivileged communities or sold to the wider community to contribute to local commerce and economy,” explained Dean Gilbert, country chairman of Chevron Malaysia.

Held in collaboration with the MyKasih Foundation, a non-profit organisation that helps impoverished families and students, the idea behind the latest Caltex Fuel Your School was mooted based on the theme of last year’s National Science Challenge 2023: ‘Ensuring the Nation’s Food Security through Science, Technology, and Innovation’.

“Chevron recognises the need for high-quality and high-impact initiatives that help empower the communities in which we serve. Since its inception in 2012, the Caltex Fuel Your School programme has yielded many successful outcomes that have benefited schools and inspired students to secure a brighter future for themselves and the world around them,” said Gilbert.

“And now, this latest edition will create yet another platform that nurtures a space to enrich students’ lives through education and practical learning. This project, that schools can easily adopt, leaves a low carbon footprint, with the ability to sustainably support communities,” he added.